The key to an effective and injury free workout is using proper form, especially when lifting. Better technique allows each move to work the desired muscle groups while limiting unnecessary strain on the joints and back. Unless you have a well appointed home gym, going to a high quality gym can help you get the best results in the time you have available, especially if you are a fitness neophyte.

Start with a Personal Training Session
Many gyms have onsite personal trainers that you can schedule to work with you, and this is a fantastic idea for fitness motivation and getting fit. Whether this is included in your membership or an added cost signing up for at least one session can help you develop a routine for maximum results while having someone guide you on proper technique and general gym safety. After a few weeks, you can always schedule another session to touch base, ensure your form is correct, and even add new exercises to shake things up.

weights-820144_1280Understand the Equipment
Many gyms are equipped with machines most people will never add to a home gym, providing a wide range of workout options that may e missed at home. The majority of workout machines in a gym come with posters or signage showing proper form when using the machine. This gives you an idea of what the machine is designed to do, as well as how to maintain proper technique. It is wise to perform a few reps at a lower weight than your ideal workout so you can feel how the machine moves and what impact it has on your body. When in doubt, gym employees can likely provide basic guidance on proper use.

Using Free Weights
If you are considering using free weights at home for your workout, don’t discount the value a gym may provide. You will find a wide weight range in a gym as well as a variety of forms the weights may take. Most gyms will have a diverse selection including hand weights, dumbbells and kettle bells with which to work. Additionally, they will likely have large mirrored walls that will help you observe your form when performing a particular movement. This can help you see errors in your technique and correct them on the fly. There may also be posters regarding potential free weight workouts designed to target specific areas of the body.

Class is Ready for You
If weightlifting isn’t your speed, certain gyms offer a variety of classes. If you are interested in a particular workout style, such as yoga or Pilates, it can be easier to get started in a group class than trying to learn from a video at home. You will have access to trained instructors who can help you perfect your poses and get the most out of each move.